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The Tree Of Life
The following was written by the talented film maker Celestial Elf: and available on youtube: Please subscribe and read his blogs at: and ‘like’ his page on Face Book at Written by CelestialElf on Mar 28, 2012 'The Tree Of Life' is a 'Universal' symbol found in many 'Spiritual' traditions symbolizing Life itself, such as the Norse 'Yggdrasil' and the 'Celtic' 'Tree Of Life', its branches reaching to the Heavens, its roots linking to 'Mother Earth'. As such 'The Tree of Life' provides a mystical metaphor for the interconnectedness of all life on planet Earth. Here the mysterious 'Green Man' Guardian Of 'The Tree Of Life' shares his wisdom with the Hobbit like Farmer Foolhardy, and provides a cautionary tale for us all. Adapted from story By L.F.Tallis. Music kindly provided by World Tree Music. For more details please see my Blog The Dance Of Life, here ( ) Based on 'The Tree', an Original Short Story by L.F.Tallis for the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. Adapted for Machinima Film by Celestial Elf. The Tree Of Life By Lynda F.Tallis The Tree stands alone in the middle of the field, it’s been there since time began, so the legend goes..... The farmer grumbles at the tree and raises his fist, as he does every year. “Damn tree! I will have to plough around you again, as every year, tomorrow I will cut you down and be done with you.” The tree's leaves rustle in the wind and the branches sway. “Be a pity to cut the tree down don’t you think.” The farmer stops the plough “Who said that” the farmer shouts, “Show yourself. ” The farmer turns around and he sees the man, standing just behind him, at the back of his plough, a man he’s never seen before. The farmer notices that the man is strangely dressed all in green. He’s wearing a dark green jacket and light green trousers, and on his head a round hat with leaves on the top. The farmer asks again, “Who are you and what are you doing in my field?” The man looks up at the farmer. “So this is your field?” and then he gives the farmer a bow. “Yes and my fathers and his fathers before him, for as long as I can remember and it will be my sons after me.” The man looks at the tree. “So this tree has grown here all that time, and no ones cut it down before.” The man sits down on a big root that is growing out of the tree, above the ground. The farmer climbs down from his plough. “There is a silly folk legend, but I don’t believe in such silly notions,” the farmer says as he walk over to the man all dressed in green. The man reaches into his jacket pocket and takes out a pie. “A legend,” he says as he then takes a knife out of his other pocket, and cuts the pie in half. “So pray tell me of this legend,” the man asks the farmer, as he offers the farmer half of his pie. The farmer is hungry, he’s been working in the field since sunrise and hasn’t had time for breakfast yet, so he accepts the offer. “Thank you,” and he sits down beside the man in green and takes a big bite of the pie. Now he’s never tasted such a pie, after every bit he feels full of energy, “This pie is so good..” he says as he wipes his mouth. The man looks at the farmer and just smiles, and asks the farmer again about the legend, “Apparently the tree, has a Spirit Guardian that protects it, that’s all I know ” the farmer replies. The man reaches out and touches the old tree trunk, the farmer continues talking, “Haven’t really taken any notice or listened to the story's, just a silly myth past down from one generation to the next.” The man in green is still touching the tree trunk, “This tree looks very old, do you know how old it is ?” The farmer looks at the tree, now he’s never really done that before, it has lots of old scars and crags,.. “No and I don’t really care ”the farmer stands up and gives the tree a kick, “the tree is coming down tomorrow, and that will be the end of the silly stories.” The farmer looks at his watch, “Well I have to go, bye and thank you for the pie.” The man in green now stops rubbing the old tree and looks at the farmer. “Glad you liked it, I will be passing here again tomorrow, so I will see you,… unless you change your mind about cutting the tree down.” The farmer shakes his head, “No, it’s had its last day” then he climbs onto the plough. “Then I’ll see you tomorrow ” the man in green says as he walks behind the tree, as the farmer drives back to the farmyard. Ring Ring, Ring Ring, the alarm goes of its 3 am, the farmer gets up dresses, and goes down stairs, by the back door is the axe he sharpened last night ready to cut the tree down today. He picks up the axe and goes outside and makes his way over to the field, and to the tree in the middle, as he approaches he see the man leaning against the tree. “Good morning such a lovely day,” the man says, looking at the axe in the farmers hand, “Is that the axe to cut the tree down with?” The farmer nods “Yes and it wont take me long... ” he says as he walks up to the tree, The man moves away from the tree, “Are you really going to cut it down, no way I can change your mind?” The man looks at the tree then back at the farmer, “No, just keep out of my way or you may get struck by my axe!” The farmer makes a mark on the trunk, ready for the axe to hit, then he raises the axe and takes a swing at the tree, the tree shudders under the blow which takes out a chunk of bark. The man in green turns red just for a moment, the farmer hasn’t notice as he raising the axe up for another swing at the tree. The man in green puts his hand on the farmers shoulder, “Have you eaten yet ?” he asks, “No not yet...” replied the farmer as he lowers the axe. “Then have some of my pie, the Tree can wait for a few more minutes, I made it just for you.” The farmer puts down the axe and takes the pie, it smells so good, he takes a big bite, then another. The man just watches as he eats up all the pie. “How was it ?” the man asks. The farmer licks his lips “So good, every bite has a different taste, pork, beef, chicken I could eat more.” So the man offers him his half. “Then have my half too, I’m not hungry.” The farmer eats every crumb, “Thank you, I feel so full of life! ” The man in green gives the farmer a strange look. “You still have time to change your mind, do you really need to cut the tree down ?” he waits for a reply, but the farmer doesn’t answer, he just picks up the axe, then he raises it up high and strikes the tree. As he strikes the tree, the man turns red and speaks “That was the second blow to the Tree.” The farmer looks at the tree,….. “Yes and now its going to be three,” as the axe hits the tree a cry is heard from the farmers mouth, “AAAAAhh……….hwe” The farmer tries to run, but he is rooted to the spot, the axe is wrenched out of his hands by the big tree- root and thrown far away. “You really should have listened to the legend ” the green man says, the farmer can only look on, as the root rises up and entwines around his waist and lifts him off the ground. The farmer shouts, “Help me, Help me ” to the man. The man looks up, “You hurt yourself, I can’t help you.” The farmer sobs “How did I?” The man continues, “Why, with every blow you struck to the old tree, was to yourself, as this is the tree of life.” Then at this the tree root rose up and then plunged down deep into the earth with the farmer tightly in its grasp, and disappears. The man looks down at the ground with a sad look on his face. “They never listen ” then he turns and slowly walks into the tree, the leaves rustle just for a moment and then are silent. Legend of the tree I am the tree of life my time is endless, I have no beginning and I have no end. Standing here in this field, there is only one of me. Beware all that try to destroy me, for I am all Life, Green is the man that my spirit lives in. Twice I will give you pardon, Twice you can walk away. Twice I will give you life, But heed this warning... Thrice you will end your life. The moral of this story is that every action you take can and will have a bearing on your life and others around. By. L.F.Tallis. ******** Film Credits As The Voice of Farmer Foolhardy, FreeSky Republic, As The Voice Of The Guardian Of The Tree, John Cornwall, Narrating The Legend Of The Tree, Gretchen Cornwall. Acting as Farmer Foolhardy & The Guardian Of The Tree, FreeSky Republic. Filmed on location at Empress and Hierophant, Grateful thanks to Alchemy & Immortalis Cyannis. Also thanks to Emma Fargis for providing The Guardian of the Tree outfit 'Gregor' and for The Farmers outfit 'Irish Man', And to Cyneswith Luik for use of Great Grandfather Oak Tree. Soundtrack created with Sleeping In The Rock & The Beast Within, by World Tree Music ( ) sound samples licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) ( Also Sound effect via Freesound ( Author = agfx rooster chicken Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1 License ( ) Filmed on Exodus Viewer Beta, Windows XP using Fraps and Serif MoviePlus X3. Adapted, Directed and Produced c.Celestial Elf 2012. Conceived, Directed and Produced c.Celestial Elf 2012.