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World Tree Music presents a visual journey across three of their songs. Follow the Oak King is an original song and a jolly nod to ancient Celtic traditions across Europe and Britain. Filmed in a secret forest near Canterbury England - which was covered in bluebells - to our delight. Scarborough Fair is an ancient song which stretches back into the murky darkness of the middle ages. The lyrics are varied depending on the version and appear to actually be a curse to rid one of a suitor or to injure an unrequited love. We sing it today as a love song but one thing is certain, the tasks to be performed by the suitor are impossible! Upon reflection this is indeed a beautiful but troubling song. We have added our own arrangements and have enjoyed the performance of flautist, Pete Lowe during our concerts when possible. The Rose Line was inspired by Gretchen's interest in the burgeoning genre of the Templar Knights and their fascinating story across Europe and the Middle East. Indeed as a result of their mysterious exploits, Europe changed almost over night. Did they discover the Ark? The Holy Grail? Secret and long buried documents? Regardless of what holy object they may have unearthed, they did indeed impact our history beyond our full knowledge. The song The Rose Line is written in a loose code and reflects their journey of mystical secrets from the Middle East back to Britain and Scotland's most famous landmark - Rosslyn Chapel. None of the lyrics are in this video short which includes the ending of The Rose Line only, we hope you'll visit the lyrics page to read and de-code the mystery for yourself. May the song launch you on your own journey of discovery and if you enjoy it, may it be a found jewell upon your travels. The digital download is available too! If you've enjoyed the bellydancer, Electra, please see her contact details. If you enjoy Loreena McKennitt, Annie Haslam and Blackmore's Night, you'll love World Tree Music!