The Rose Line
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We do try to keep our prices in line with other currencies while still covering our costs.   As independent artists we do not have the pricing breaks available to us that much larger record labels are able to afford - which helps drive the price of their CD’s down.  We cannot compete with this and hope that our followers will understand that we do wish to keep our prices as low as possible; while covering the cost of the 10 page full colour booklets, blank CD’s and cases along with shipping costs to us for these items and also the cost of shipping to you the listener.  We have invested greatly in World Tree Music over the years in both finances and our time.  We appreciate it greatly when a listener deems us interesting enough to buy a CD as we know full well you could support another musician instead.  John and I take it very personally when you purchase a CD as we take it to heart that we are on the right track - producing music to stir the soul and carry the emotions - hoping also to provide intellectual interest.  We thank you for your purchase as it helps us stay in the emotive business of making music!
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Journey Through The Lyrics!
Follow The Oak King Thanet Shore Scarborough Fayre Black Is The Colour
Journey From India (Instrumental) The Legend Of Sophia Rihaku Nottamun Town The Rose Line
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Why buy the CD instead of the digital download? In this age of digital downloads, there are those of us who are a touch sentimental and enjoy the physical experience of holding a CD in our hands. We look forward to each page for its deeply considered artwork and the revelation of lyrics that bear further interest and scrutiny in written form.  I always feel a bit like a detective or adventurer discovering a treasure for the first time when holding a new CD or collectable LP.  The vinyl album is experiencing a renaissance whose popularity is actually growing with artists - choosing to release their new work in the large LP format - strictly for the thrill of the glorious art and of course that unpredictable gorgeous sound.  If lucky enough - finding a signed copy or having the CD/LP autographed during a concert - is indeed exciting.  John and I are of this throwback ilk and would rather have the memory on our shelf than invisible on an mp3 player.  We have taken great pains to design our cover art and booklets to reflect the music but also our travels across the UK, Europe and the natural wonders of the world.  History fascinates me and I enjoy taking photos of sacred sites, ancient architecture and monuments.  Our songs are inspired by traditional folk music but also legends across Europe and Great Britain.  These legends are often rooted in places of historical interest which lends itself to a wonderful opportunity for a photograph. If the photo or artwork is not of our making, we have taken steps to acknowledge its author.  However mistakes can be made.  If you’ve purchased a CD and noticed a missing credit, please get in touch with us and we will correct it immediately.  We hope you enjoy our full colour ten-page booklet complete with lyrics and original photography and graphics by World Tree Music.