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She Walks In Beauty
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Read the full REVIEW oF Above & Below  by Christine Bode of  Scully Love Promo  Remember!  Above & Below is now She Walks In Beauty, named for the title song and poem by Lord Byron, set to music arranged by John Cornwall.  New tracks have been included and a few removed such as Moving On and Crossing Over.  We’re holding them back for an album which has a modern atmosphere.  The new tracks on She Walks In Beauty complement the existing traditional, mystical folk songs and original songs based on legends from the United Kingdom. John and I hope you approve of our enhanced sound and songs! Best wishes, Gretchen
Above & Below (Instrumental) Greensleeves Entangled Entre Nous  (Instrumental) We Moved Through The Fayre
She Walks In Beauty The Beast Within or The Afanc Water Goddess Dance of the Nine Ladies  (Instrumental) Sleeping In The Rock  (Instrumental)
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