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World Tree Music is a journey into love, legend and mystery through music and song. A cool rippling stream of organic and electronic sound ... a collage of energetic rhythms; topped with a voice like burnished crystal. Gretchen Cornwall is "The Voice" (Lead vocal, lyrics and melodies), John Cornwall (Composition/Arrangements, Guitar and Keyboard/virtual instruments and backup Vocals). Gnostic folk-rock fusions merging with classical influences. From electronic ambient to exciting world rhythms and songs of love, legend and mystery. The World Tree or tree of life is a symbol with meaning shared across the myriad cultures of the world, merging many ancient wisdoms. We aim to fuse instruments and styles of the globe transcending national limits, space and time with hopeful and peaceful messages. We have been told that Gretchen’s voice is akin to Annie Haslam of Renaissance  and Sarah Brightman; with orchestral, world rhythms and lyrics reminiscent of Loreena McKennitt, Enya, Clannad, Blackmore’s Night and the Moody Blues on a Wagnerian scale!  World Tree Music has one foot in the past, flirting with romantic Medieval and Renaissance Music; blended with modern technology and instruments for a unique, haunting and soulful sound.  We hope to take you on a journey where the rules of music are bent, opening the doors to another dimension.  If you enjoy Pentangle and Fairport Convention - with a dash of mystery and legend - then we think you may just enjoy World Tree Music! We enjoy life and making music - we hope you’ll share our journey too!! *** What people are saying about World Tree Music: Gretchen's version of "She Walks In Beauty" is exquisite and literally moved me to tears, making it one of my favourite songs on "Above and Below". "The Beast Within (Swallow Falls & The Afanc)" opens with and is laced throughout with a flute that Jethro Tull would envy and is accompanied by what sounds like a primal and well-traveled bodhran. Read the whole review at "Hello from Amsterdam World Tree. She walks in Beauty is blissful and so enchanting. Canterbury music so lovely. Welcome to where our worlds branches meet...". Pat Savage. "...congratulations on your excellent CD!" Eric Swanopoel author of "Saving The World & Being Happy...". "Wonderful arrangements and voice, especially on "Greensleeves" ! (I love the outfits as well)"... Alquimia. "Your voice is a delight and the music is so soothing. Being half Irish and very aware of my ancient roots and in any case interested in history, I appreciate the musicianship. There are certain sounds that are reminiscent of long lost ages, that transcend time and place, that drift back through the centuries." Dawn Cloake. "Your music is beautiful". Love, Mike S. (The Waterboys)" *** We enjoy, experimenting with music from around the world. Meeting other musicians and collaborating with them has been so much fun and enriched our music. We are pleased to present friends and musicians who have joined us from time to time in the "World Tree Music Ensemble".  World Tree Music is a duo but we love the synergistic experience of playing with other musicians when the opportunity arises. They are: John Howitt. Bassman and guitarist supreme with a career in music and TV (see his site - " but also plays acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, bazouki mandolin and the low pipe occasionally. He is an established session player and a Warwick bass ’endorsee’. He plays the musically adaptable and expressive fretless and fretted 6 string basses. Pete Lowe. Is also a solo artist ( with an established career as a solo performer, composer (including film music for which he has won a STEMRA award) and teacher of music. His flute, alto flute and soprano saxophone have added a beautiful melodic tone and flavour to the music which he interprets with such grace and subtlety. Janet Lowe who has helped us with invaluable stage and performance lighting last year and is a goodfriend. Nigel Durban: Has played drums all round the world and loves it. He has a long career drumming from skiffle to rock to jazz and the Irish Bodhran, having learned in Dublin. He added wonderful, powerful rhythms to World Tree Music’s live performances last year. Lizzi Stephens. She played the keyboard and digital orchestra as well as backing vocals and occasional drum in our live performances last year.   She plays in a blues band at the moment and has played in Ceilidh and dance bands, folk groups and as a solo performer for many years. Last but definitely not least is Andy Pigg who helped us as sound engineer for concerts last year. We are always grateful for hid friendship and advice. He is an experienced sound person who specializes in the more acoustic end of music just the right person for our acoustic and electronic fusions. You can find him on MySpace, too. We would like to thank our good friend Adrian Wagner ( who co-produced the album, Above and Below - now remasterd as She Walks In Beauty.      
John and Gretchen Cornwall are World Tree Music